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Mimesis of Texts II


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Okay, You Learned to Make the Mold -- Now Break It!

Mimesis, the brainchild of Aristotle, teaches us what we already know.  Find a model of excellence and trace it.

Learn the model's lessons, and get a good sense of the literary molds created by the masters.



You absolutely can't take this module without first completing Part 1.


But What If We Just Stopped There?

Well, if you have completed Part 1, the real gold awaits you Part 2.

Literary evolution would never happen if we stopped where the Victorians did -- at first stage mimesis. Sure, we would learn the great lessons, but how could we move beyond them?

In this module, you learn how to move away from early tracings of your literary masters, extracting their lessons, but in essence, in  final production, you break their molds.


Aristotle's Mimesis Evolves

As 21st century writers, we can learn from the past, but it is also our duty to digest the lessons and forms we inherited in pursuit of a new, unique literature. 

There is no need to fear a copycat syndrome here.  The ulimate journey of mimesis is about finding the jewels of individual voice and literary destiny.

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Manufacturer: Robert Reece

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